HAPP100 Advanced Breath Controller & Exerciser

EASY, FAST, PRECISE control of a PC or Mac using breath alone.

No Head movement at all necessary

Suitable for users 
With total paralysis
With a tracheostomy

Full mouse control and typing using an on-screen keyboard

Breath Exerciser
Can be configured to stimulate children with CF or similar to do their daily breathing exercises.

Relay output options: To control other assistive aids

No Special software required:  Control you computer like its supposed to be controlled by any able bodied user.  Using conventional click/ drag/ drop/ copy / paste etc.  No expensive grid control software required.

Plug & Play: No driver software required


GCM100 Games Control Mixer

The GCM100 is a general purpose control box that has 2 joystick inputs, 12 isolated button inputs, a multicolored bargraph display and options for Sip & Puff and relays.

When plugged into PC or Mac the GCM100 app
ears to the PC as a jo
ystick or a mouse or even a keyboard or a combination of all three.

Configurable to suit the users needs: 
It is provided pre configured or can be customised by others using the free & popular 
Arduino programming software.

Standard or custom hardware:  

The GCM100 is compatible with standard (3.5mm) buttons and analogue joysticks.   Celtic Magic can supply miniature light force joysticks & highly customisable light force button systems.

The GCM100 can be used ...
  • As a PC/Mac mouse controller.
  • As a PC and console games controller
  • As a Sip & Puff controller 
  • To control other aids

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MoJo Modular Joystick System

Supports up to 16 MoJo sensors which can detect the slight
est movement from any convenient part of the body.

Automatic calibrates to the users capabilities every time it is used.
Can be used just as a hypersensitive switch up to be a full games controller or for controlling a computer mouse

Special builds are also possible  

MoJo System:
Modular & Programmable design that can be built & tuned to suit the user's abilities

Breath input optional

Relay outputs optional

Analogue outputs optional

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