HAPP100 : Advanced Sip & Puff Breath Controller - Introduction

The HAPP100 which may be linked to PCs, MACs via a USB connector. Using 'sip and puff' technology, our products can be used by anyone able to blow and suck gently through a mouthpiece, and are especially useful for people with limited use of their hands, including users with no head movement at all, such as spinal injury C1-C3 or similar.    Also may be used as a breath exerciser - see below.

      • Mouse Direction Control
      • Scrolling 
      • Fast & very precise
      • Mouse Button Control
      • Relay outputs to Possum or similar (option)
      • Breath Exerciser mode (photo + video below)
      • User display
      • USB Powered
      • Audio feedback
      • No stick in mouth
      • Keyboard Emulation 
      • Special features to support free Camera Mouse software
      • Works with Standard Windows, Mac and Linux USB Human Interface Device (HID) drivers
      • Standard Sip and puff pressure is approximately 2-inches water column
      • High sensitivity setting is approximately 1-inch of water

Complete control over the computer

Once the computer is switched on and the device plugged in, the user has complete control over their computer. The HAPP can be used alongside other computer inputs, and has a special mode to enhance and augment head-mouse products such as

Bekki is one of our first users of the HAPP100, and has been delighted by the improvement it has made in her ability to use her computer to email, browse the web, and use Facebook to keep in touch with friends. She was able to learn how to use it quickly, and sent her first-ever independent email within 24 hours of installing it.

Camera Mouse by providing the mouse clicks, making it quicker and easier for the user than using either product on its own. A HAPP even allows the user to start and fully control the Camera Mouse program without the assistance of others. (See video under Operation for demonstration.)  We are also able to provide, as an optional extra, additional connections to control other push-button devices that the user may already have such as Possum systems.

The base product is the standard HAPP100 controller, which should be positioned so that the user can see the display.  No additional software is needed on the computer - when the HAPP is plugged into the USB port it will appear to the computer like a new keyboard and new mouse.  The existing keyboard and mouse can stay plugged in, for the convenience of other computer users.

The user can wear a discreet headset holding the mouthpiece attached to a tube, which then links to the HAPP controller via a hygienic filter. Different sizes are available to enable a good fit, and we also have a mouthpiece which attaches to the wearer's spectacles if required. See the Order page for details of sizes and measurements.

HAPP for Breath Exercising

In addition to computer control the HAPP can be configured to be a Breath Exerciser.   This is designed to encourage typically young children who find the standard breath exercising regimes rather unexciting.   With a HAPP connected to the air gauge tube the HAPP can drive a PC or Mac slide show as an animated reward.  

Eddy finds a Dinosaur !

The actual slide show can contain photos, animations, sounds or video clips made to suit that child.   

The HAPP will 'reward' each breath by presenting more slides for a successful longer breath.    The shows can be made in standard PowerPoint or free Libre Office or any slide player that changes slides using a mouse click.   
See the  HAPP100 user manual section 4.2 for more information

Is a HAPP suitable for you?

The HAPP was designed to help those with little or no use of their limbs, and is suitable for anyone who is able to close their lips round the mouthpiece and gently suck and blow through it. To check at home, suck water up through a straw. If you can suck it up to 2 inches (50 mm) high and hold it there for 3 seconds you should be able to use the HAPP. You also need to be able to blow bubbles in at least 2 inches of water.

With spinal injury and even with tracheotomy ventilation, users have found no problem producing sufficient pressure by simply using their cheeks. Like all severe conditions the precise limitations are subtly different between individuals so no guarantee could reasonably be given. With conditions such a MND it is common that the ability to blow is seriously compromised yet suck remains reasonably strong by comparison. Usually the special sensitivity adjustments configurable within the HAPP by the user or by Celtic Magic prior to dispatch can compensate for this disparity. See more information under Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Comfortable and discreet headset

The user has a mouthpiece, no bigger than a drinking straw, which sits comfortably at the side of the mouth fixed to a discreet headset, and controls the computer mouse and keyboard by gently blowing or sucking.  Basic commands to move the mouse and click on icons or an on-screen keyboard are quick and easy to learn.  More advanced functions, keyboard shortcuts and document editing commands such as cut and paste, are also available as standard.

There are four  HAPP100 models to choose from:
  •     Model standard: No additional inputs or outputs
  •     Model A : Input for one switch
  •     Model B : Two Outputs to other assistive aids
  •     Model AB: is both the above options combined
For breath exercising only, then the standard model is the most suitable.

All models have a Camera Mode that allows optimum use of free (on a PC) Camera Mouse software used with a good quality web camera.  See the Support page for a link to download this and other useful software, such as the on-screen keyboard.

Additional and replacement headsets, filters and connection pipes may also be ordered separately if required.

Guidelines for choice of product (computer control)

Q1.  Do you have reasonable movement of you neck & head?

Yes: Use a good quality web camera for use with any HAPP model in Camera Mode 
No:   Use a standard model HAPP on its own (it's just a bit slower)

Q2.  Can you operate a button with some convenient part of your body?

Yes: Consider a HAPP/A model as it will make things faster for you

Q3.  Do you have or plan to have another assistive aid such as a Possum with 3.5mm jack inputs, perhaps to control your TV, answer a phone or control your environment?

Yes: Consider a HAPP/B model