HAPP100 : Operation

The HAPP is operated by gently blowing and sucking.  It recognises four distinctions - strong and soft puffs, and strong and soft sips.  There are four indicator LED lights to show which of these the unit is detecting.  The sensitivity of the HAPP can be adjusted to best fit the users capabilities.  It has 10 command types, or modes, and cycles round five of these blowing, and five sucking.  So for example, the user would blow strongly, continuously watching the display, and stop at a number corresponding to the operation they wish to carry out.  If they stop at 1, this changes the mouse direction, and they then blow gently to move the mouse as far as they need.  To send a mouse left-click, the user then blows strongly again until the command display shows 2.  To send a mouse right-click the user would suck strongly until the display showed -3.

This is more difficult to explain than it is to do, and users quickly pick up the basic commands.  Watch the video below to see a demonstration and explanation of the HAPP in operation.  it will show you movement of the cursor, scrolling a web page and using an on-screen keyboard, which are the functions that most people will wish to use.  More advanced functions, such as cut and paste, setting up shortcuts etc are also provided.  An instruction manual is provided with the HAPP, and there are more tutorial videos available to demonstrate specific functions.  Video tutorials

Note that, in the video, Graham is not wearing the headset.  This is to make it easier to describe what he is doing, and show when he is using the HAPP.

YouTube Video - Overview of HAPP100 in operation

The HAPP also has a mode that works well with a web camera and software called Camera Mouse.  In this case, the Camera Mouse software is used to move the mouse round the screen, with the web cam tracking the movements of the head, and the HAPP is used for mouse clicks and web page scrolling.  See the video below for an overview of this in operation.

YouTube Video -Overview of HAPP working with Camera Mouse