Order a HAPP100

Purchases may be made using any credit or debit card, or your Paypal account, through the secure Paypal link at the bottom of this page.  Prices, including standard delivery to the UK, are as follows:
  • Standard model £380
  • Model A £440
  • Model B £450
  • Model AB £490
For DHL shipping to Europe, add £40, to USA/Canada add £50, or £70 for the rest of the world.  If paying in a currency other than GB pounds, Paypal will manage the currency conversion.  Here is a useful converter to give you an idea of the cost.

When you click through to the Paypal page, you will need to choose which model to order.  There are four HAPP100 models to choose from:
  •     Model standard: No additional inputs or outputs
  •     Model A : Input for one switch
  •     Model B : Two Outputs to other assistive aids
  •     Model AB: is both the above options combined
For additional help deciding which model to order, look at the Products page.

You also need to choose the headset.  There are 3 regular sizes of headset available, but extra small or extra large may be requested by contacting us directly.  As a guide, order small if the head circumference is less than 57 cm (approx 22 inches), or large if it is greater than 60 cm (23 and a half inches), with the measurement taken around the head across the forehead and above the ears.   

For more help deciding whether HAPP is suitable for you, look at the Frequently Asked Questions page.

If you have any concerns about delivery, or any further questions, please contact us at contact@celticmagic.org

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