HAPP100: Troubleshooting

See below for some problems that may occur.

Cursor creeps on its own:

Check for water or some blockage in hose.  Any water in the pipework will upset the very sensitive pressure measurement of the HAPP, Try rinsing through with warm water and blowing free to dry.   The smallest pipe in the headset is the most likely candidate, the long pipe can be inspected visually and rinsed and dried if necessary.

Check whether the tube is creased or kinked.   Straighten hose and reroute if necessary

Sluggish to respond

Check for water in tube.  See “Cursor creeps” above

Is the Gain too low?  Increase gain knob clockwise

Can’t get Strong signals to work

Check whether there is an air leak somewhere.  Check all pipe work and joints for integrity.  Note it is normal when sucking to draw a small amount of air in from the HAPP this is designed to keep the pipework dry. But it should not be possible to blow air into the HAPP unit: if you can then there is a leak.

Is the Gain too low?  Increase gain knob clockwise

Keeps going to High before I get Low to work

Is the Gain too high?  Decrease gain knob anti clockwise

Are you using the Incorrect technique?  If you stop blowing and sucking – even for an instant - when moving the cursor then the HAPP has to start from scratch to work out if you want to using a Low or High signal. Once it has detected a Low signal the HAPP allows you to increase the pressure to move the cursor faster. BUT if you hesitate and briefly stop blowing the HAPP will re interpret this as a High blow. So when moving the cursor quickly use smooth consistent huffs and puffs.

Commands change too quickly or slowly

Is the rate set correctly for you?  Command rate is configurable see the Editable Options section of the Handbook for more details.

Pipes keep coming apart

If the hose is getting old, replace the 6mm hose, or trim the end with a sharp pair of scissors to remove aged section. An aquarium pet shop can supply similar tube economically.