HAPP100: Video Tutorials

The videos below are in a logical order.  Watch the overviews to see how much can be done with the HAPP, and then go through the rest at your own speed, learning and practising as you go along.  You should find that you can quickly learn to move the mouse around and click on screen icons and buttons, and also learn to scroll pages up and down, whether these are web pages, document pages or e-reader pages.  There are videos on how to set things up, shortcuts and so on, which need to be done only once.  Whilst these can be done using the HAPP itself, you may want to ask someone to do this for you using the keyboard and mouse.

Overview of HAPP in use

YouTube Video 1.1 - HAPP Overview

Camera Mode Overview

YouTube Video 1.2 - Camera mode overview

Mounting your HAPP and Headset Hygiene

YouTube Video 2 - Getting started

Setting up PC Shortcuts and Mouse Options

YouTube Video 3 - Optimising Your PC

Moving the Mouse Around

YouTube Video 4 - Basics

Mouse buttons, Sub-commands, Scrolling

YouTube Video 5 - Commands

 Using Sub-commands

YouTube Video 6 - Using Sub-commands

 Typing Tips

YouTube Video 7 - Typing Tips

 Configuring and Using Camera Mouse

YouTube Video 8 - Camera Mouse Mode

 Editing Configurations, Options

YouTube Video 9 - Advanced Stuff