HAPP100 : Technical

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The HAPP unit measures approximately 13 x 10 x 3.5 cm (5 x 4 x 1.5 inches), and should be fixed where the user can see it.  It is supplied with industrial strength Velcro to allow it to be attached to side of the computer screen.  All models are supplied with a headset, PTFE filter and pipe, and cleaning kit.  The PTFE filter provides both a liquid and biological barrier between the user and the HAPP unit.  It should be replaced every two years.  The pipe should be cleaned daily after use by flushing with warm soapy water using the syringe provided. (Full instructions given with the unit)

Our headsets are constructed from 3mm stainless steel covered in hygienic plastic and can be bent by hand to suit the comfort of the user.


Standard model, powered by USB connection to computer.  Four LED lights to show which mode it is in, plus a symbol display to select commands.  No special software is required on PC or MAC - the computer "sees" the HAPP as both a keyboard and a mouse. Sensitivity to blow/suck strength can be adjusted.


As standard model, plus single 3.5mm mono jack socket for input from mechanical switch or push button..  Can be configured to operate mouse button clicks or other features.


As standard model, plus two 3.5mm mono jack sockets for digital volt-free outputs compatible with any assistive aids that use push-button inputs.


Combines options A and B above: standard model, plus three 3.5mm jack sockets - one input, two output.


The HAPP100 has a very sensitive pressure transducer at its heart. It resolves pressure down to better than +/- 0.002psi.  To use a HAPP the user needs to be able to blow and suck at 400Pa or around 0.06psi.  As the HAPP is controlled by mouth pressure it is important that any intended user can seal their lips around the small 3mm control pipe.   Any weakness to seal reliably will compromise the practicalities of using a breath-controlled device.