GCM100 : Games Control Mixer - Introduction

A GCM100 is a general purpose USB connected control box that supports 2 joystick inputs, 12 isolated button inputs, multicoloured bargraph display and options for Sip & Puff and relay outputs.

When plugged into PC or Mac:
The GCM100 appears to the PC as a joystick or a mouse or even a keyboard 
or a combination of all three.

Configurable to suit the users needs: 
It is provided pre configured or can be customised by others using the free & popular Arduino programming software

Standard or custom hardware:  
The GCM100 is compatible with standard (3.5mm) buttons and analogue joysticks. 
Celtic Magic can supply miniature light force joysticks & highly customisable light force button systems.

The GCM100 is compatible with the Console Tuner Titan 2 device with the Celtic Magic supplied firmware offering a highly customisable platform to provide unparalleled access to gaming for those that may be struggling.   See videos below and this page on the One Switch website.

The GCM100 can be used ...
  • As a PC/Mac mouse controller

Can control a mouse using joystick and buttons or just using a joystick
  • As a PC and console games controller

Appears as a PC joystick and is c
ompatible with Console Tuner Titan Two converter into any console game
  • As a Sip & Puff controller 

Model GCM100P has a super sensitive analogue sip & puff input which can be configured to act as switches, mouse buttons, game inputs or all.  Or just a sensitive on/off Sip & Puff.
  • To control other aids such as environmental controllers

Model GCM100R has two relay outputs (button outputs) that can control other aids via 3.5mm leads.

Optional HardwareOptions

Celtic Magic can provide super sensitive mini Joysticks and kits to build highly individual button arrangements to suit the individuals needs.

>>>>> See the Options page for more information.  <<<<<


Video Examples

Full Game Play Demo

Game play with GCM100P & Titan Two

Game Play using GCM100 & Titan Two