GCM100 : Frequently Asked Questions

What does a GCM100 do?

The GCM100 is a universal controller that takes inputs from analogue joysticks and switches.  
Via the GCM100 these inputs can be used to control a PC/Mac or a computer game wither on a PC or on a games console* and other assistive aids.  

* Games console control requires a Console Tuner Titan Two device.

Who can the GCM100 help?

Anyone that can operate a joystick or switches but is struggling to use standard joysticks or a computer mice.   Celtic Magic can also provide special light force mini joysticks and customisable super sensitive switch kits that can readily be made to suit your needs by your local support services or friends. 

Is a GCM ready to go?
It depends what you want to do.  

If you wish to control you computer than yes that feature is built in and ready to go (BLUE mode).  
If you want the standard console games interface then that is good to go also.

But you want to use say  breath to click a mouse then that is easily doable also but the software will need to be configured either by Celtic Magic or others  but this does require a degree of technical competence in setting up the Arduino programmer.  The GCM100 software is provide free it just needs a tweak to suit your needs.
Celtic Magic may be able to do this remotely for you or support your local support service to do this , please let us know your situation and we can advise further.

The GCM100 itself requires suitable joystick(s) and switches as inputs these can be provided by Celtic Magic on request or your local support services could use their preferred switches and joysticks.  

Can a GCM control my Environmental controls?

Yes the model GCM100R has two relays, these are like two switches that you can operate via the GCM100 joystick/switches or breath input.
The standard PC control software and the games console control software supplied has this built in though you will require to order the GCM100R model to have the relays built in.

Im very weak can I operate a GCM joystick/ switch?

The Celtic Magic joysticks and switches are very sensitive and amongst the lightest available.  But we cannot guarantee that you will definitely be able to use these without knowing more about your condition   If your movement is extremely compromised then checkout our MoJo product that is designed for hyper sensitivity.   Get in touch and we can advise further.

Is setting up a GCM100 difficult?

We don't think so but then we would say that! :-)  
It depends on what you want to do.  The standard software offers a good stating point and many things can be tuned on/ off or made more or less sensitive or faster / slower.   So no actual programming knowledge is required for that type of change.  However the GCM100 software is fully available for any competent technician with some experience of programming an Arduino to change it in as complicated a way as you you wish.   The standard software can also be reapplied if necessary and Celtic Magic can offer advice on any special way working you may need and can quote to customize the GCM100 software and hardware to your precise needs.   Small changes can be free.

Can a GCM100 just work a Mouse?

Yes it can, that comes ready to go as standard.  

Can I play computer games through a GCM100?

Yes you can - computer games can requires several simultaneous inputs and this can be he main barrier to enjoyable game play.  The GCM100 GREEN mode uses a method of control that can be useful for console game play for users with minimal dexterity.  For example if a user can use their chin to operate a mini joystick then breath and two other buttons operated from any part of the body can offer reasonable console game play.   A Buddy box (second controller) can also be plugged into the Titan Two converter that allows a carer to assist a user to play fast and furious games allowing the user to grow into the different ways of playing through a GCM100.

Does a GCM100 come with joysticks & switches?

No, not as standard, as few configurations are the same, the actual inputs to the GCM100 can be supplied separately to suit the user. 
Standard 3.5mm switches will work with a GCM100 and a competent support technicians will be able to source third party analogue joystick if a non Celtic Magic joystick is to be used. 

I'm interested in a custom GCM100 system to help me, can you supply ready to go?

Hopefully the answer is yes, let us know what you want to achieve and the extent of your disability.

I am a Health Care Professional can you tell me more or train me?

We do offer hands on training and demonstrations around the UK, please contact us to discuss options.
We do not normally lend equipment due to poor experiences in the past with equipment not being returned, but this may be addressed on a case by case basis if a suitable agreement is made.