GCM100 : Operation

Modes of Operation

Modes are represented by the colours WHITE. RED, GREEN & BLUE are like a personalities that define how the GCM100 works, perhaps as a games controller in GREEN Mode or controlling a PC mouse in BLUE Mode.   All these Modes may use the same physical joystick(s) and switches but what the GCM100 then does is very different.  Exactly how the GCM behaves in any particular Mode is down to how it is programmed for your use, indeed not all Modes need to be available if the GCM100 has been programmed specifically for you with some or all other Modes disabled.    
 The BLUE Mode is normally dedicated to PC mouse control and the GREEN Mode for console games play but this could differ if required for the user.   WHITE and RED Modes are for basic or custom use.


Slide Show: Computer Mouse & Relays (for environmental control) - GCM BLUE Mode

Slide Show: Gaming  inc Relays  - GCM GREEN Mode