GCM100 : Options

Models and External hardware options:  buttons,  joysticks & hand supports

GCM100 Model Options

with buttons
Sip & Puff
 GCM100 2 10 0 No
 GCM100R 2 8 2 No
 GCM100P 2 10 0 Yes

Any combination of the above options are possible however with the Relay (R) option the input count drops from 10 to 8.

*Relays are like button outputs that can control other devices that might usually be controlled by conventional buttons and the GCM100 could then control them using whatever GCM100 inputs suit

Relays:  Option GCM100R

The GCM100R model has two output relays and the graphic above indicates the 3.5mm connections to use.  
A standard 3.5mm mono male-male patch lead connects the GCM100 to the other device to be controlled such a an environmental controller.  
These relays act just like buttons and can be operated by other inputs to the GCM100.   
Typically sip & puff or joystick positions of from other button inputs.  
The exact method of control is dependant on how the GCM100 has been configured.  
Usually the GCM100 will display either six alternate Red or alternate Blue leds indicating relay one or Relay two is on.

Sip & Puff:  Option GCM100P

 The GCM100P model has a silicon pipe on the right hand side with a ceramic filter.  Internally the GCM100 has a one way air bleed valve that allows restricted air to move on a suck and block air flow on a blow.  This is to keep moisture down in the tube.

The Sip & Puff uses a precision detector that measure how hard or soft the user in blowing or sucking so this may be used as a variable input in game play such as accelerate brake.  
In addition Sip & Puff can operate any feature with in the GCM100, this could be mouse clicks , relay outputs, joystick buttons 

Extended Displays:  

The 12 led RGB bargraph can be extend from the GCM100..

A 3.5mm socket is provided on the left hand side of the GCM100 and the extended display can be mounted 1.5m from the GCM100 box.

Model CM/ED1 The extended display bar model ED1 can be attached above or below the users screen as shown offering optimal viewing.  This is 
most useful for Game play and mouse control if the user cannot differentiate the lights on the GCM100 unit itself.

Model CM/ED2 is designed for specifically for J-method game play where is more clergy indicates the various control selection made.  See Operation J method

Joysticks, Buttons & Support Options:

The the Celtic Magic GCM100 optional accessories offer very light force touch buttons / switches and joysticks along with supports that can be built to suit a users needs.  

Lightweight Switches  part ref CM/LWS-x

Our compact lightweight switches are designed to do what we just could not find in other switches : Compact, Stackable with multiple mounting options.   

We have also tried to keep them affordable and can offer various colour options.  

See the pdf data sheet for full details.

 DIY Custom Switches
The custom buttons / switches are formed using lightweight spring wire inserted into conductive rubber with a made to measure polymorph (nylon like) finger pad formed around the users finger tip.  All parts are provided in the kits.  See the instructional video opposite for details.

This allows the exact size and shape to be made that suits the individual and mounted at an angle that is comfortable on a choice of hand supports frames

Hand Support bases part refs CM/HS1 & HS2

There are two option of Hand Support (HS1 & HS2).   The HS1 offers conventional under wrist support and the the button kit (CM/3BK1)  mounts directly from the front of the HS.   The joystick (CM/J1) can also be mounted in several positions on both types of Hand Support. The HS2 version is simpler but offers a more general purpose mount that can be used either way up and can be used for hand controls of under the forearm.

Joysticks part ref CM/J1

The J1 joystick is a super light weight device mounted on a supplied adjustable arm the mounts onto a Hand Support base of either HS1 or HS2 type (above).   The fixed five pin connection lead is approx 600mm 

The joystick can be mounted at any angle as this can be corrected for in the GCM100 software configuration.

Button Kits part ref CM/3BK1
With the 3BK1kit several combinations of button can be constructed into an array that suits the user.  The 3BK1 can make 3 individual buttons or by using the supplied twin hoop contact a double button can be constructed such as a left and right motion selects two buttons from one finger.  

Button Extension CM/BE1
The button extension is a magnetic plate that a button kit such as the CM/BK1 above will connect to.  This plate can then be mounted from the supplied adjustable arm and then mounted in a similar manner to the Joystick from a standard Hand Support base.    This allows the button array to be positions at virtually any angle to suit the user.