MoJo : Making Custom Finger Supports for zPad & zJoys

The zSensor type zJoy & zPad are magnetic and customised finger rests can be readily constructed to suit the needs of the user.

zPad and zJoys should always be used with such supports as the rubber membrane could be sensitive to long term finger nail damage. 

You will need:
  • Polymorph granules - see below 
  • Magnet : neodymium approx 10mm diameter 2mm thick
  • Spacer 2-3 mm thick -see video below
  • Sticky tape
  • Boiling water
  • Gorilla glue or similar

POLYMORPH - aka friendly plastic, plastimake, instamorph, thermomorph

Polymorph is a thermoplastic material that can be shaped and reshaped any number of times. it is normally supplied as granules that look like small plastic beads. It can be heated in hot water and when it reaches 62 degrees centigrade the granules form a mass of ‘clear’ material. When removed from the hot water it can be shaped into almost any form and on cooling it becomes as solid as a material such as nylon.

To locate some try searching Ebay - be careful some folks charge a lot if you want it in a smart container but it should be available at less than £10 for 0.5kg

Also check out here.

Recommended 10mm x 2mm neodymium 
Type EP403N from eMagnets

Making a Polymorph finger rest