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MoJo Configuration Tools

Titan One cross platform converter

The Titan One converter used to convert he standard joystick from the MoJo to match the games console of choice is configured by a program called Console Tuner.

Download the latest Console Tuner from CLICK HERE

Example Console Tuner configuration file for a MoJo CLICK HERE

Downloading & Setting up the Arduino IDE* on a PC

*Integrated Development Environment

To configure an Advanced MoJo the Arduino development tools will need to be installed on your PC this allows the PC to update the MoJo via its USB connection.

Step 1A
Download the latest Arduino IDE that Celtic Magic recommends.  
Note the Arduino world keeps moving on and the very latest version may not have been tested with the MoJo therefore DO NOT download the latest IDE from Arduino but use the links below for the latest MoJo validated version

Download the latest Arduino IDE CLICK HERE

Step 1B
Install this downloaded version including all the drivers etc.  Administrator privileges to the PC will be required

Step 2A
Download latest MoJo Bits (Add-Ins) CLICK HERE

Step 2B
Copy both these MoJo Bits folders on top of the installed Arduino folders created during Step 1B.  Windows may confirm overwriting files etc just accept and continue.

Step 3
Next is to get the software that will run on the MoJo and its configurations edited by the now installed Arduino IDE from previous steps.
These files are all in one folder that can be put anywhere convenient for you to access.  Perhaps create a folder on your Desktop called MoJo stuff.

Download the latest MoJo software suite CLICK HERE

Step 4 
With the MoJo USB plugged into the PC* click on the MoJo_vXXXX.ino file found in the MoJo Software Suite and the Arduino IDE previously installed should open.  
*Driver should automatically install first time used

See the MoJo handbook for configuration options and uploading changes to the MoJo.