Using a MoJo

If the MoJo is disconnected and packed away after use, make a note which zSensors and outputs are plugged into which socket, especially if any customisation of settings has been carried out.

If using the magnetic support arms, fix the zSticks in a stable position where they can be comfortably used, supporting the user’s hands/limbs if necessary.  Ensure that zSticks are the right way up, with the green dot facing the user.  zSticks should be “pre-tensioned” - ie with the user just touching the end.

The zPads and zJoys can be secured using Velcro to suit the user.  The exact positioning is wholly dependant on the users degree of articulation.  Often it is helpful to support the users arm or hand to allow best access.  A customised finger rest can be formed using thermosetting Polymorph    

See Making a Finger Support to see how to make a Polymorph finger rests.

A small 8-10mm neodymium magnet embedded in the Polymorph allows such a support to be fixed to the zSensor. 

These photos are just some examples to inspire you.