Order a MoJo

Important before considering purchasing MoJo system please be aware that:

The MoJo is designed for very small movements not jerky spasticity.

A MoJo should not used for emergency calling or controlling devices of a hazardous nature. 
It is designed for recreational & domestic control of a computers and non critical assistive aids.

As the MoJo system is supplied customised to a particular user there are many variants. See Which Model.    To help us advise you it is best to contact Celtic Magic with the following information.  

What do you want to achieves ie Play a PC computer game or console game and which model of console.  Or perhaps control a PC or simply operate other assistive aids using a Basic MoJo as an extremely sensitive switch.

Also indicate the nature of the end users disability and how it affects their movements in as much detail as you can.  

In addition a video clip showing the degree of motion a potential user might have will greatly assit us to advise better. Please show close ups of fingers etc moving to their maxim extent in every direction the user can easily manage.

All information / photos & videos supplied to Celtic Magic will be treated with total confidentiality.

Cost Guidance : 
Please contact Celtic Magic for a custom quote before placing a formal order as we can advise on details.

Part ref £ Notes
Basic MoJo2 290Basic MoJo2 unit with power supply.  
This is the starting point for all MoJo orders and additional features are added from the options below...
MoJo2-HSW  Haptic compatible MoJo2         350 Special MoJo version designed to operate haptic feedback such as the zHaptic device below
Additional inputs (pair) 175As the MoJo gets larger in size from a basic MoJo 2 (above) to become a MoJo4-6-8... max16 the cost rises per pair of inputs
zSticks 65The most sensitive of zSensors  See zSensors for options
zPad 75Two directions forward-back or side-side.  See zSensors for options
zJoy 95Four directions like a joystick.  See zSensors for options
zMech_Lo/Hi 55   Useful to build into a Meccano based solution.  Availble as normal (Lo) sensitivity and Hive (Hi) sensitivity. versions. See Meccano
zHaptic         135    Vibrating zSensor supplied on articulated arm.  Note: MoJo must be built with Haptic output to use this device 
Breath control inc headset 110 A linear bi directional breath input with a headset tube and filter
Relay outputs (per pair) 45Adds relay outputs that act like buttons.  
Analogue outputs (per pair) 85 Variable resistor outputs.  Ie 10k ohm potentiometer
Haptic output (each) 40 Output suitable for driving vibration motor or buzzer for tactile or audio feedback to the user

 Advanced MoJo...

Advance MoJo upgrade package 125 The cost to upgrade to the programmable Advanced MoJo with a USB connection & software to emulate a joystick / mouse
 Magic Eye 65 The Magic Eye is an indicator device for the Advanced MoJo only giving visual indication of the MoJos operation. Highly recommended.

If there is a requirement to control a games console (as opposed to PC games) then a third party adaptor (Titan-One see PC & console Joysticks) cost from £65 and can be purchased separately direct from the supplier.  See Support  Or Celtic Magic can supply at similar cost as part of a whole package.

Postage would be at cost via DHL by preference.

For further advice and information please contact Celtic Magic for a prompt response, see  Contact Us

As MoJo's are hand built to order & we may have to queue requests if we are at capacity.
Please accept our apologies if this happens to you.