MoJo: zSensors & Headset

The MoJo system uses sensors we call zSensors , they come in several styles zSticks, zPads, sMecc & zJoys and plug directly into the rear of the MoJo unit using gold plated 3.5mm jack plugs.

Using strain gauge technology they offer unparalleled levels of sensitivity.  A short video demonstrating this can be see HERE

The zMecc sensor are designed to be used with Meccano and are available in two levels of sensitivity Low & High.  See this page for more information on using Meccano as a method of building a support system.


zSticks are the most sensitive of all zSensor types.  These need to be held in position for the user to touch the sensor at the end. They can be supplied with a magnetic support arm to hold them in place: these are fully adjustable to allow the user to move in whatever direction is most comfortable. 

A zStick detects movement in only one direction.  Where controlled movement by the user is very slight  (>0.2mm) the zStick should be positioned so that there is already tension on the sensor, ie with the user touching it.  

This will be accounted for when the MoJo unit is powered on and calibrates itself.It is important to get the zStick  the right way up, and they are supplied with a green dot on top.  The user needs to push against the green side.

The less able the user may only be able to push a very slight distance with no option to push AND pull as is used with a conventional joystick motion. Under these circumstances three zSticks can be used to control one joystick as shown.



zPads can be used to for forward / backward type movement such as throttle/ brake.  They have an oval rubber pad.

Though the zPad looks like a button, it is in fact a rocker sensor, with the input being determined by how far the rocker moves, not how hard it is pressed in the centre.

It is bidirectional, operating in one or both directions along one axis. It has less sensitivity than the zStick but is very sensitive compared to conventional joystick controls.  

The standard finger rest supplied can be used, or a Polymorph custom finger rest can be made easily to suit the user, and attached magnetically to the zPad.  See the Making a Polymorph Support page


zJoy is a Joystick input type, and has a Round rubber pad.

The zJoy is similar to the zPad in that it is a rocker sensor, but it operates in two axes, eg north-south and east-west, effectively making it a joystick and allowing movement in all directions.  

A zJoy uses two input on the MoJo as it is really two zSensors in one device,

Again, a Polymorph finger rest magnetically attached to the pad makes it easier to use.  See the Making a Finger Support page

Custom finger rests for zPads & zJoys

Both zPads and zJoys have in built magnets that allow custom Polymorph finger rests to be attached to suit the comfort of the user.    

These can be made by anyone to suit the user.  
See the Making a Finger Support page for instructions.

Breath input option

The breath-control option has a special pneumatic connector on the front of the MoJo, which functions as the last input channel and effectively replaces one of the standard input channels on the back.  

Input is detected through the user blowing and sucking air through a tube.

It operates like a zPad in one or both directions along a single axis. There are additional care and cleanliness guidelines for using breath-control and the breath input is biologically isolated from the unit by a ceramic filter.