MoJo: Meccano as zSensors

Mecanno is not pretty but it can provide an economical & 
highly customisable mounting solution that anyone can build

zSensors can be built into spring steel strips compatible with the popular Meccano construction sets.   Two such sensors if
zMeccano Sensor
mounted at ninety degree to each other make a XY joystick.  Or an individual strip can be used to operate single or multiple buttons.

Two sensitivity levels are available Low & High, model refs zMeccLo & zMeccHi.
The Low sensitivity can be considered normal and as the high sensitivity model should only be considered if maximum finger tip movement is sub millimeter or sub milligram.

Meccano offers infinitely customisable frames to be made compatible with the users needs and readily  adjustable when required.

In the example shown below one XY joystick is operated by the users thumb and other sensors used for push buttons from the first three fingers.   Each of these operate both forward and backwards controlling four or more buttons each.

The Mojo 8P unit is mounted on top which allows the wiring to remain set up and the breath control of the MoJo 8P gives another analogue input for the user, usually the trigger controls.

A simpler unit (not shown) is provided to give a second joystick from the users left hand which plugs into the same MoJo 8P.

This configuration offers the functions of a full controller and is used in conjunction with a Titan One device to control a PS4 for a client with MND.

The arm / hand support is made from Polymorph with Meccano simply fused into it using a heat gun.