About Us

Welcome to Celtic Magic. We are a very small UK company, designing and building controllers which can be linked to PCs, MACs and other devices which use push-button input.   My name is Graham Law.  For many years I have worked as a volunteer engineer for a national charity called REMAP, designing specialist custom-made equipment for people with disabilities.  In early 2013 I built a prototype of what was to become the HAPP100 product as part of my personal research into technology to help quadriplegic users use their PCs.

Normally with Remap my work would provide a specialist solution for one person with a particular problem, but in the case of the HAPP it became clear that this could be used to help many people. Therefore through 2013 I worked to create this small company to manufacture and supply HAPPs direct to end users.

The HAPP is designed to expand in functionality to give control to the user of many other devices throughout the home.  It is not just a controller for a PC, it is an intelligent interface between the user and their world.  We called it HAPP to stand for Huff and Puff Processor (well we had to call it something), though it needs very little huffing and puffing. Gentle but definite breaths in and out are all that are needed.

In 2015 we have introduced the MoJo system, short for Modular Joystick.  A super sensitive highly customisable system that helps the most extreme cases of limited movement use computers and play computer games.  This product is also a spin off from my Remap work. 

Lastly, why did we call it 'Celtic Magic'? As an electronic and software engineer, I often get asked "How does that work?", and sometimes I tease and say it's 'Scottish Magic' because I am Scottish. Unfortunately I was not allowed to use 'Scottish' in a company name so 'Celtic Magic' it became.  Pronounced Kel-tic Magic.

Thank you for your interest.