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the multi function Joystick

The Celtic Magic HEX joystick gives the user of the Microsoft Adaptive Controller the ability to control almost everything from a single joystick and one button.

It comprises of an integrated joystick which can be any of our joysticks, the choice is yours. 

A small control box with several flying leads plugs into the Microsoft Adaptive Controller.

An additional switch is then used to change the HEX to one of six modes...

  1. Buttons (x6)

  2. Right Stick

  3. Explore (single stick Walk / Run)

  4. Drive 

  5. Left Stick

  6. Trigger (analogue)

The mode switch can either be the joystick switch or another separate one.

Pressing the mode switch puts the HEX into 'Ready to Change Mode' and the HEX led will show White.  

Moving the joystick in one of the six hex directions selects that mode each with its own distinctive colour.


Intro Video

HEX pdf flyer

HEX Quick Start Handbook

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