Gyro Movement detector

The Gyro Movement Detector is an Open Source project developed by Celtic Magic from a concept from the great folk at ACE who commissioned the project.

It consists of three mini solid-state gyros that are in a small module with an RGB led,  This can be mounted from a finger or anywhere movement is to be detected.   

About 150mm from the detector is a slim inline control box that houses the electronics and provides a sensitivity knob and reset button.  This is connected to a PC by USB.

It can detect movement of less than 1mm and outputs a programmable single ASCII character as a keyboard press.

Full details are available in GITHUB HERE

Quick start here (PDF)

If you do not have the resources to construct a unit & would like Celtic Magic to manufacture a demo unit for your assessment purposes,  please contact us on the form at the foot of this page, 

MoveDetec1 small.png