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Hello from grahaM:
independent AAT/EATS developer

New SCATIR Switch replacement available


Hello, my name is Graham Law, I am an independent developer of advanced assistive aids based in the UK where I work closely with the UK National Health Service supplying specialist AAT/EAT equipment for their most challenging cases.   You will have received a link to this page if I have individually approached you as a previous user of a now unavailable SCATIR muscle twitch switch.

I am contacting you to let you know of a similar new Celtic Magic device.  It is a Muscle Twitch Switch called an I-Click using similar technology as the late Professor Hawkin.  

The I-Click has successfully completed (August 2022) its trial phase with UK & US health care professionals with very positive feedback indeed.   Several assessors had previous experience with the SCATIR switch and have found the I-Click device to be much easier for carers to use, with its colourful bar graph display making set up easier.


However unlike the SCATIR device, the I-Click is specifically for muscle twitch detection, not eye-blink.  It is an extremely sensitive device capable of detecting tiny movements and continually self-tunes its position in use.


If this is of interest I am happy to Zoom/Team meet to demo and discuss technical details further or you can check out the video and full documentation on the home page for the I-Click here.


The I-Click is built in the UK and we use fast courier services to ship worldwide, typical shipping time to arrive is less than one week.

Also, please check out the sister G-Click gyro-based switch with extreme sensitivity whilst auto-adjusts to the user's position.  Link to G-Click

Thank you very much for your time.


Graham Law 
Celtic Magic

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