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At an operational force of only ten grams, the Dangle is a very light-force joystick/mouse controller indeed.  It is an inverted design with magnetic centering and its advanced features can be configured via a PC application.


With the user's finger below the mechanism, it offers a low profile at 16mm and an easy-to-use built-in tactile button.  


The upper grip can be used for chin operation.

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  • Light force operation at only ten grams

  • Integrated and easy to use button

  • Configuration App...

    • Tremor filter

    • Multiple direction sensitivity

    • Adjustable deadband

    • Orthogonal* control

    • Axis polarity switchable

    • Programmable button

    • Save to file

  • Camera mount option


Dangle Max Model

  • Two external button inputs​

  • Button-free mouse operation

  • Supports external display

  • Sip & Puff option

* Right-angle & diagonal movements only


build your own dangle !

​The Dangle is an open source project and if you are competent in basic soldering and making things with a 3D printer, the full instructions on how to build your own Dangle can be found here. 


Difficulty: Not for beginners, sorry



There are four models of Dangle optimised to their application...


1)  Dmax  The Max is an advanced mouse controller with additional inputs and outputs from its larger control box


2)  DM       Basic Mouse model: 

Single configurable button incorporated


3)  DJ          Basic Joystick model: 

Single configurable button incorporated


4)  DJX Joystick model for the Microsoft Adaptive Controller, it is identical to the CM/DJ model except that the integrated button is brought out on a flying lead with a 3.5mm plug. This can be plugged into the Adaptive Controller to operate any button as required.

video introduction

Dangle Model chrt
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