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videosIntroduction TO USING aN I-Click


An I-Click is a special switch that uses an infrared sensor. It offers zero-force switch operation by detecting minimal changes in the amount of energy reflected.   

The sensor operates from 1mm to 4mm from the skin and will auto compensate within that band and alarm if the distance falls outside of that range.

The sensor is housed in a small plastic capsule that is magnetically mounted from a support bracket which can be positioned readily using the I-Click bargraph display.

The I-Click will send a character or mouse click to a PC/tablet/phone*.  This can be used by assistive technology software of your choice.
* If an Apple product must have USB-C

The I-Click also has a relay output. This allows the I-Click to be used like any other 3.5mm mechanical switch.

Limitations:  As the I-Click uses infrared light it is unsuitable for use outdoors or in strong sunlight.  It is unaffected by modern household lighting. 

The I-Click is a muscle twitch detector & is not an eye blink switch


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I-Click Videos1
Short Version (2mins)
Full Version  (8mins)
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Practical Installation
I_Click Video2

Updating your I-Click

To update your I-Click firmware download the update application tool. 

Note that this is an executable file and you may need to set your anti-virus software to allow it to run.

Also, download the latest firmware.


Run the Celtic_Magic_Flasher application and follow the instructions.


Update I-Click
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