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The Feather is a joystick or mouse that uses magnetics rather than springs offering an adjustable world-beating sensitivity of less than five grams.  (adjustable 5-20grams)


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1 Mouse (model FM)

Acts as a computer mouse with advanced features.

Joystick  (model FJ)

PC & MS Xbox Adaptive Controller Compatible

For alternative joysticks for the MS Adaptive Controller consider our J1, J2 or J3 miniature analogue joysticks.   Details are on the GCM100 Options page with a pdf summary here.

Games Control Mixer (model FGCM)  

Designed for ultimate gaming   This is functionally the same as our Game Control Mixer GCM100 product but has the joystick integrated & a reduced input count of four buttons supported.​


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  • Super light force operation

    • Force adjustable

  • Multiple knob options

  • Two button inputs​

  • Supports external displays

  • Sip & Puff option

  • Adaptors & stands available

  • Configuration App...

    • Tremor filter

    • Adjustable angular sensitivity

    • Adjustable deadband

    • Orthogonal* control

    • Axis polarity switchable

    • Programmable buttons

    • Save to file

* Right-angle movements only

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INtroduction video

PC User

"The Feather Joystick is a Godsend for people with limited hand movement. The level of sensitivity is second to none. Accompanied by the Feather Hand Support System, you can position the joystick to your needs. I am now able to use a computer mouse again and it has given me a new lease of life"

John Pereira UK 

Gamer - using the Microsoft Adaptive Controller

"WOW!!!  The feather is such an amazing piece of equipment.  The feather is everything Kody thought it would be, from your website, and a whole lot more.  So much knowledge, expertise, and understanding of what the special needs population need in order to be able to function and to be a gamer.   Kody has been blessed with such a special joystick, we have never seen anything like it.

As a parent of a very special young Man who has so many challenges to face every day of his life, to be able to witness him using the feather with such ease, and to be able to play a game that he has wanted to play for so long, is so rewarding.  It worked great for him, he was able to move his characters and have the feather move in each direction with ease.

Thank you and also anyone else who has been involved with the making of the feather, from the bottom of my heart, it is amazing.   You have given Kody the world of gaming, he had tried 2 other joysticks, one the spring was too tight and he couldn't move it, and the other one he couldn't get to move right.  He was so frustrated by the way they wouldn't function for him and didn't want my help pushing buttons to help him, he wanted his independence. You have given him what he has been striving to find.  He has a permanent smile on his face.  We appreciated how quickly you would respond when Kody would email you with our many questions, and nothing seemed to bother you, you always strived to get the answers for him.

Thanks for helping the special needs gamers enjoy playing"

Sharon (mum) and Kody   -  Canada


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