The Feather is a joystick or mouse that uses magnetics rather than springs offering an adjustable world-beating sensitivity of less than five grams.  (adjustable 5-20grams)

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1 Mouse (model FM)

Acts as a computer mouse with advanced features.

Joystick  (model FJ)

PC & MS Xbox Adaptive Controller Compatible

For alternative joysticks for the MS Adaptive Controller consider our J1, J2 or J3 miniature analogue joysticks.   Details are on the GCM100 Options page with a pdf summary here.

Games Control Mixer (model FGCM)  

Designed for ultimate gaming   This is functionally the same as our Game Control Mixer GCM100 product but has the joystick integrated & a reduced input count of four buttons supported.​


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  • Super light force operation

    • Force adjustable

  • Multiple knob options

  • Two button inputs​

  • Supports external displays

  • Sip & Puff option

  • Adaptors & stands available

  • Configuration App...

    • Tremor filter

    • Adjustable angular sensitivity

    • Adjustable deadband

    • Orthogonal* control

    • Axis polarity switchable

    • Programmable buttons

    • Save to file

* Right-angle movements only

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INtroduction video

"The Feather Joystick is a Godsend for people with limited hand movement. The level of sensitivity is second to none. Accompanied by the Feather Hand Support System, you can position the joystick to your needs. I am now able to use a computer mouse again and it has given me a new lease of life"

John Pereira UK 

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