All models of Feather share the same hardware the difference is solely the firmware installed.  


CM/FM         Mouse Feather

CM/FJ          Joystick Feather 

CM/FGCM   Advanced Gaming Feather

order codes:  CM/FM or CM/FJ or CM/FGCM


Small Cork:         CM/Knob-SC

Large Cork:         CM/Knob-LC

Extended Cork:  CM/Knob-EC

Large Rubber:    CM/Knob-LR

ALL FOUR:         CM/Knob-ALL


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Feather_Main Headers.jpg

One knob is supplied with a Feather and is included in the price.

Additional knobs available

See pdf for full details:  click here


Small Cork:         CM/Knob-SC

Large Cork:         CM/Knob-LC

Extended Cork:  CM/Knob-EC

Large Rubber:    CM/Knob-LR

ALL FOUR:         CM/Knob-ALL



For game play  Feather CM/FGCM

  • 12 RGB leds in compass design

  • Indicates status of GCM

  • Especially useful for game play using a Titan Two controller

  • 60mm diameter

  • Lead  length 1.2m

  • 3.5mm plug

order code:  CM/ED2



display 2

Used for switches from

Hand Support bases 

order code:  CM/ARTARM

£ 12

articulated arm only

Suitable for any Feather model

this option is pending​


sip & puff option

Multiple mounting options

  • Three models (see pdf)

  • 30 grams operation

  • Tactile click

  • Multiple mounting

    • 4mm bolt or

    • Ratchet ties (supplied) or

    • Velcro

  • Lead length 1.5m

PDF Data Sheet

order code:  CM/LWS  (see data sheet for options)

£ 22

light weight 


To suit the user

We can put together many combinations of our products and produce one-off 3D printed solutions to match an individual's needs.  

Drop us a line and let us ponder the challenge with you.

Custom solutions

For mouse control Feather CM/FM

  • 12 RGB leds

  • For manual & auto-scanning of mouse modes (scroll/ scan etc)

  • 420mm x 10mm

  • Velcro attaches to screen edge

  • Lead  length 1.2m

  • 3.5mm plug

order code:  CM/ED1



display 1

Style 2 wrist support

  • Compatible with red articulated arms supporting mini joysticks and switches

  • Six mounting holes

  • Can be used inverted to suit

  • Upholstered memory foam cushion


order code:  CM/HS2

£ 27

hand support base

Ordering a feather

Feathers are not on sale just yet but are available to UK HCP for assessment.

Please contact us to reserve and we will connect you when ready for sale ETA March 2021

Feathers are specialist devices and not a mass-produced. 

Please look at the options on this page and drop us a line on the contact form at the foot of the page on what product combination might suit you.

We will be happy to advise and send you a personal quote.




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