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All models of Feather share the same hardware the difference is solely the firmware installed.  

Order code  /  Model:

CM/FM         Mouse Feather

CM/FJ          Joystick Feather 

CM/FGCM   Advanced Gaming Feather

Knob options


Small Cork:         CM/Knob-SC

Large Cork:         CM/Knob-LC

Extended Cork:  CM/Knob-EC


The Feather is supplied with a stable triform base & 3/8" UNC camera mount.  It can optionally be provided with a Hand Support system that allows infinite angles of adjustment.


A Feather can be supplied with Sip & Puff breath control (option P).  This is supplied either with a headset (S/M/L) or a 500mm articlated table mounted arm included in the price.

The Sip & Puff option works with the Feather Mouse & GCM versions only offering Sip & Puff access to various functions configured by the Feather Configuration App.   

See the Feather handbook for full details : click here

order code:  Suffix P on the Feather part number

         Feather +£125

SIP & PUFF Option


For game play  Feather CM/FGCM

  • 12 RGB leds in compass design

  • Indicates status of GCM

  • Especially useful for game play using a Titan Two controller

  • 60mm diameter

  • Lead  length 1.2m

  • 3.5mm plug

order code:  CM/ED2


display 2

DSMa 500px (1).png

Option that can be added to enhance any Hand Support 

  • Two lightweight switches (bolted)

  • Adjustable dual switch cradle

  • Adaptor to the articulated arm

  • Articulated arm included

  • Screw kit

order code:  CM/DSA

£ 83

dual switch assembly


One knob is supplied with a Feather and is included in the price.

Additional knobs available

See pdf for full details:  click here


Small Cork*:         CM/Knob-SC

Large Cork*:         CM/Knob-LC

Extended Cork:    CM/Knob-EC

* Cork knobs can also be supplied with a dimple indent to aid finger grip

Pack of all knobs  CM/Knob-ALL

         £7 each


Feather_HSS2 small.png

Mount the Feather joystick at any angle or position close to the user's hand  

See the Mounting System page for full details

  • 5mm think acrylic  bases in two size options  (HSB2 / HSB3)

  • Memory foam cushion (HSB2 only)

  • Twin articulated arms support the Feather

  • Adaptor to fit base of Feather

  • Options to add switches on additional articulated arms

order codes:    See HERE for details

Small  CM/HSB2 / (options)

Large  CM/HSB3 / (options)


feather Hand support systemS


To suit the user

We can put together many combinations of our products and produce one-off 3D printed solutions to match an individual's needs.  

Drop us a line and let us ponder the challenge with you.

Custom solutions


For mouse control Feather CM/FM

  • 12 RGB leds

  • For manual & auto-scanning of mouse modes (scroll/ scan etc)

  • 300mm x 15mm

  • 150mm x 15 mm (compact version)

  • Velcro attaches to screen edge

  • Lead  length 1.2m

  • 3.5mm plug

order code:  CM/ED1/comapact


display 1


Option that can be added to enhance any Hand Support 

  • Lightweight switch (bolted)

  • Adaptor to articulated arm

  • Articulated arm included

  • Screw kit

order code:  CM/SSA

£ 48

single switch assembly

Ordering a feather

For purchasing a Feather device within the United Kingdom then please purchase yours from our partner DH2 Solutions

If you are outside of the UK then use the contact form at the foot of this page & we will be happy to advise and send you a personal quote with courier postage appropriate to your location in the world.


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Feather_HSS1 - small.png
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