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Using the feather as a mouse device

The mouse version of the Feather is model CM/FM.  

In its simplest form, the mouse cursor moves in the direction of the joystick at a rate determined by the angle of the stick.

By default the two-button inputs are set to

PB   = left button

PB2 = Right button

Manual Scanning

Scanning allows for the various mouse button functions...

  • Left / right-click,

  • Drag

  • Scroll

to be selected by holding a button and releasing it when the appropriate command is indicated on an external led display bar type ED1.   See video & handbook for full details

Auto Scanning

Offers the same features as manual scanning but works without the use of any buttons.  The same ED1 external display bar toggles three leds between red and green where red offers commands if the joystick moves whilst on green the mouse moves normally.  See video & handbook for full details

Feather_Main Headers.jpg

using the Configuration app

The free Configuration App  (download here) detects the type of the Feather you have and offers the correct options appropriate to that model. 


Plug in your Feather and then run the app on a PC.  Full details are in the handbook.

This is the Mouse configuration dialogue. 

Any new configurations can be also saved to a file with a   .fea extension.

Mouse Scanning 1.png
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