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We are pleased to offer the technology of the Dangle joystick/mouse free to any Makers out there who have a 3D printer and the practical skills to solder and make things.   It does not need to be an actual Dangle you build you are welcome to make your own design of joystick using any analogue potentiometer type joystick module and use our software.  In return, we ask that you acknowledge Celtic Magic on any documentation or articles associated with your successful* work.   

The instructions are all on this webpage with six instructional videos.   

*If it does not work out it has nothing to do with us :-)

Build Your Own Dangle Joystick / Mouse

Celtic knot v3-1_small.gif

Things you need


The parts are all generally available and the sources used from the UK suppliers are detailed in the downloadable List of Parts (LOP). 

The only exception is the small PCB used to mount the joystick module into the 3D print that we designed specifically.

That and all other parts we will make available as a pack so that you have all the genuine parts we use.    Our part number for this pack is CM/D_PARTS_A and is available either directly from us (drop us a note in the Contact Form below) or via easily accessible eShops like Ebay. 

Ebay UK:

3D prints

All parts can be printed in good quality PLA with only the twin covers (part 3) the DangGimbleCover which requires full support material.

Tools & glues etc

  • Allan keys

  • small side cutters

  • parallel pliers

  • soldering iron and solder

  • 5mm socket 

  • good quality super glue

  • plumbers clear silicon (Acetic acid based)


Software & Firmware

The firmware is downloadable from the Celtic Magic website along with the CM_Update tool to program the device. 

The calibration process uses a freeware terminal program called CoolTerm

Once you have your device working you may want to try changing how it works and using the Celtic Magic Configuration tool also downloadble

Before you start


  1. Download all the items from the Download box above and print the 3D parts in PLA.  Print part 3 DangGimbleCover with support material

  2. Use the List of Parts (LOP) to obtain the other bits required or purchase a kit of parts from Celtic Magic (Parts CM/D_PARTS_A)    or in the UK via Ebay UK:

  3. Program the microprocessor module with your preferred application using the Celtic Magic programming tool.  Either as a Mouse controller or as a Joystick for use with the MS Adaptive Controller or PC, whichever you wish.

1 ALPS Joystick module


​Modify the ALPS joystick module by removing the centering spring and mount on the Celtic Magic PCB



2 Cabling between pcb& Micro


Fitting the cable assembly and connecting to the microprocessor and the joystick module.



3 cantilever assembly


Celtic knot v3-1_small.gif
Celtic knot v3-1_small.gif
Celtic knot v3-1_small.gif

4 Main Frame & Magnets


Assemble the previously built parts into the main frame



Celtic knot v3-1_small.gif

5 CalibratioN


Use Coolterm to calibrate the firmware to the hardware

Celtic knot v3-1_small.gif

6 Completion


Fit auxiliary parts such as the stand, labels, decals and grips



Celtic knot v3-1_small.gif
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