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The GCM100 is a joint development with 

One Switch

It is a general purpose USB connected control box designed to connect a wide variety of things together to assist with control of a PC or a Gaming platform.

See the Accessories page.

It supports...

  • 2 analogue joystick inputs with buttons

    • With auto precision centring and sensitivity

  • 10 isolated button inputs

  • 12 multicoloured bargraph display

  •  Sip & Puff option  ( model GCM100P )

  • Twin relay output option (model GCM100R )

  • Four pre programmed modes called Slots


PC Mouse Control 

(Blue slot)

With a range of different types of joystick & control options, the GCM100 offers flexible solutions for operating a computer including using no buttons at all !


(Red  slot)

A GCM100 is your gateway to great game play on any platform.

Think of it as the magic box between your world and your gaming computer or console. 

The GCM100 supports special devices like super sensitive or heavy duty joysticks and plenty of buttons all set up just the way that will work for you. 

Add analogue sip n puff and features that cunningly combine many controls into a single joystick and the GCM100 then really gets you into the other worlds enjoyed by all gamers. 

"The equipment you sent me work really well and I have now got used to how it works I was really surprised how well it I have been playing grand theft auto for over a week now and I have been doing great with it I have also been playing fifa which was great this system definitely works for me"  


More on GCM gaming.

Demo  Videos

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GCM 400i.png

GCM100 Slots  

A slot sets the way that the GCM100 works and slots are only changed if the fundamental use of the GCM100 is to be changed. 

I.e. from controlling a PC to controlling a Game console.

Slots use the same physical joystick(s) and switches but what the GCM100 then does is very different. 

The GCM100 can be in one of four possible slots.  

Each slot is represented by a colour.   WHITE, RED, GREEN or BLUE

The Slot last used is remembered and recalled each time the GCM is switched.   

Not all Slots need to be available if the GCM100 has been programmed specifically for you with some or all other Slots disabled.   

Full information can be found in the general handbook






Advanced gaming using the Titan Two device



blue SLOT

Computer Mouse control

PC control
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