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USING A GCM100 for computer control

(Blue Slot)

The GCM100, when used to control a PC or Mac, performs the task of a mouse but with many advanced features to help the less able user.

It can be used with a miniature light force joystick or a heavy duty one.  It can have many buttons or even no buttons connected, the choice is yours.   

The GCM100 button inputs offer all the features and more of the old much missed Penny And Giles Joystick Plus  & more.

See the videos & slideshow for fuller details




  • Accurate joystick control of mouse

  • Extensive seperate button options

    • Left click

    • Right click

    • Double click

    • Normal / hold toggle

    • Normal / X lock / Y lock

    • X-Y Swap  

    • Mouse speed 100-80-60-40-20%

  • Button free operation ​

  • Joysticks, handles & supports available to suit the user


GCM100 Computer control : Demo videos


GCM100 Mouse Control : Details - slide show