INtroduction video (short)


The G-Click is a special switch that uses a minature solid state gyroscope. It offers zero-force switch operation by detecting tiny amounts of tilt, and auto compensates for any accidental position changes from the user.   


It is designed to work all day without adjustments !

The gyro is housed in a small plastic capsule that is designed to be mounted actually on the user, on any convenient part of the body that can tilt the gyro.

The G-Click will send a character or mouse click to a PC/tablet/phone.  This can be used by assistive technology software of your choice to control a computer and environment.

Tha G-Click also has a relay output. This allows the G-Click to be used like any other 3.5mm  mechanical switch.

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INtroduction video (full version)

preview of new product


open source
The G-Click is based on developement work that Celtic Magic was asked to do for the ACE Centre in the UK. 

Coutesy of ACE the core technology is open source and available here: