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The G-Click is a special switch that uses a minature solid state gyroscope. It offers zero-force switch operation by detecting tiny amounts of tilt, and auto compensates for any accidental position changes from the user.   


It is designed to work all day without adjustments !

The gyro is housed in a small plastic capsule that is mounted actually on the user on any convenient part of the body.

The G-Click will send a character or mouse click to a PC/tablet/phone*.  This can be used by assistive technology software of your choice.
* If an Apple product must have USB-C

The G-Click also has a relay output. This allows the G-Click to be used like any other 3.5mm mechanical switch.

Limitations: As the G-Click is based on a gyroscope it is unsuitable for use whilst you are moving in a vehicle or moving in a wheelchair

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Tutorial video 1


Tutorial video 2
Practical use


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