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Updating your firmware

The firmware in most of our products can be easily updated using the Celtic Magic update tool that runs on a PC.

A) Download the tool from here:   CM_UpdateTool

Anti-virus protection:

You will need to let your computer antivirus know that the update tool is safe to use as it will try to protect you from using software it has not seen before.   You will require Administrator privileges or similar to do this on a business computer.


It is entirely safe to use, ask your IT department if you are unsure.

B) Download the latest firmware appropriate for your Celtic Magic product and save it on your PC:

    1)   Feather Joystick-  Mouse.  model CM/FM

    2)   Feather Joystick-  For Microsoft Adaptive Controller. model CM/FJ

    3)   Feather Joystick - Game Control Mixer. model CM/FGCM

    4)   G-Click Gyro switch model CM/GCLK

    5)   I-Click IR Muscle Twitch switch model CM/GCLK

C)  Run the CM_UpdateTool and follow the instructions.

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