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The Microsoft - Xbox Adaptive Controller (often known as a XAC) offers a large range of inputs for switches and joysticks and has a few buttons built-in. The Sony Access controller only has four inputs for external devices

However, for many less able users, operating many separate devices can in itself prove a challenge.

Celtic Magic has a range of buttons and joysticks that can plug straight into the Microsoft & Sony controllers.  These can be mounted on special supports offering a bespoke solution.



​MINI Joysticks for

MS XAC & sony access controllers

​All our miniature joysticks (models J1,J2,J3) can be used with the MS XAC or Sonys' Access controllers. 


They are available as arm-mounted (J1), desk-mounted (J2), and compact (J3) and can be chin-operated.


They can be built to be a normal force (60grams) or for light force operation (20grams). 

See the Options/ Buy page for fuller details


Switches, Mounts & Things

Sometimes it's just easier to mount switches and joysticks off a standard cushioned mounting plate we call Hand Supports bases.   

From such a base our J1 joysticks and switches are designed to be firmly mounted from miniature articulated arms that can be adjusted to any angle to suit the individual.   

For more details and costs see Options / Buying page.


FEATHER:  Hyper light force joystick

The Celtic Magic Feather joystick Model CM/FJ is compatible with the MS XAC (But not the Sony Access controller as it has no USB) and offers un unparallelled sensitivity with an adjustable operational force as low as 5 grams.

For more details see the Feather home page 

dangle: light force Low profile joystick​

The Celtic Magic Dangle joystick Model CM/DJX is compatible with the MS XAC (But not the Sony Access controller as it has no USB) and offers high sensitivity adjustable in different directions along with a low profile.

The XAC model also has its internal; button connected through to a flying lead with a mono 3.5mm jack plug connector that can be plugged into anly switch input on the MS XAC.

For more details see the Dangle home page 

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