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Celtic knot

"Celtic 'is a magic bag, into which anything may be put, and out of which almost anything may come."  

J.R.R. Tolkien

custom arrangement of J1 joystick and switches



The I-Click switch is an infrared muscle twitch sensor that like its sister product the G-Click provides class-leading sensitivity.  This technology was made famous by the late professor Hawkin.

The I-Click is provided with optional mounting kits chosen to suit its precise use, most often for detecting muscle twitches on the user's face.

Setting up the I-Click is made carer friendly by its live position indicated on the built-in multicolour led bar.

I-Click Video

I-Click more

G-Click is a new type of self-adjusting extreme sensitivity switch, by using a solid-state gyroscopic to detect tilt it also offers zero force operation.

This improves on traditional mechanical switches by automatically adjusting, thus being in a perfect position at all times.   more

With a G-Click the sensor is mounted normally on you, it self-adjusts to compensate for your current position and then continues to 'just work' all day long with no further adjustments, even if the user's hand is accidentally moved.


G-Click Intro Video


Advantages of using a gyro to switch

G_Click Case Study Video

G-Click more

Hypersensitive Switching Technology

Gyroscopic Tilt Switch

IR Muscle Twitch Switch

Feather Joystick
The Feather USB joystick/mouse uses magnetic levitation to offer an unparalleled force of less than five grams that we believe makes it the most sensitive moving joystick in the world.

The Feather can be supplied as an advanced PC / Mac / IPad* / Android compatible mouse or as a joystick, including gaming options.

* Latest IPads with USB  C  

Hypersensitive Joystick or Mouse

The Feather is designed to be the very lightest possible. 


The force to operate it can be set between twenty grams down to an incredibly light five grams.

Coupled with the ability to configure the Feather using the free app to suit the user, the Feather offers an opportunity for users familiar with controlling computers using a mouse or trackball, to continue to do so without resorting to eye gaze systems.


"Wow, this is THE lightest thing I've ever used, its wonderful, so smooth and accurate"  BJ  



Dangle Joystck


The Dangle joystick with its built in light force button is of a novel inverted design that offers a low profile along with a very low force of ten grams.        The Dangle is configured by a free PC App and the North, South, East, and West sensitivities can be set to different values to suit the user's needs.

Available in four models the Dangle range covers simple to advanced mouse control or gaming including compatibility with the MS Adaptive Controller.

Very low force &  low profile inverted joystick

Based on the features of the Feather joystick the Dangle, with its more conventional analogue sensors offers a more affordable alternative to the Feather and provides higher angles of movement and a lower height than the Feather. 

Yet the advanced features of the Feather allowing for single or even zero button control of a computer mouse are still available along with support for an external display and Sip & Puff in the Dangle Max product.  Whilst the simpler Dangle DM/DJ & DJX offers a less expensive alternatives for control of a mouse and games.


I love the Dangle, it's genius! If my hands become unable to control a trackball, the Dangle will be the direction to go.  It's versatility, smoothness and solid build is impressive.   I would wholeheartedly recommend it.

M Negus - UK test user



GCM100 System


  • Advanced Gaming

  • Computer Mouse Control

  • With many options...

    • Lightweight Joysticks​

    • Heavy duty joysticks

    • Sip & Puff (option)

    • Relay outputs (option)


Enjoy Advanced Gaming and PC control

The GCM 100 is a versatile, general-purpose Controller frequently used for gaming but that can also control PCs.   To meet your specialist needs, it can support two lightweight joysticks, up to ten buttons and other advanced input devices.


"I have tried the new equipment and it was really good I managed to play fifa for the first time for over 10 years and I actually won the system was easy to set up and sip/puff stayed in my mouth and the joysticks worked really well I like the smaller joystick best"   JK

GCM100  more

Our joysticks , switches and mounting systems can also be supplied to suit the popular MS Adaptive & Sony Access Controllers 

Including the worlds lightest force joystick the Feather model CM/FJ - just plug into the MS Adaptice Controller and play 

Dont forget to check out the mounting systems that allow our accessories to be mounted in positions to suits even the trickiest of positions.


about us

We are a small UK electronics development company based in the East Midlands of England that designs extremely sensitive equipment to better connect the disabled user to their computer, gaming systems or environment.

In early 2013 we started with the most advanced sip & puff computer controller available to this day the HAPP100.

Our Feather joystick/ mouse pushes the bounds of what is possible in terms of light force operation and is the world's lightest.

With the introduction of the unique self-adjusting G-Click and I-Click switches, we continue to develop ultra-sensitive devices unmatched by any other product.   

We do concentrate on devices that are 'Aids for Daily Living' and we have a webpage dedicated on why we do not classify our devices as Medical Devices - more information here. 

Small companies in rural Leicestershire, manufacture our products whilst we concentrate on support and future developments.

We enjoy designing our special products and helping individuals with individual challenges in the UK and worldwide.

Thank you for your interest.  

Graham Law

Development Engineer

Celtic Magic

movement detector

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