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"Celtic 'is a magic bag, into which anything may be put, and out of which almost anything may come."  

J.R.R. Tolkien


Need an advanced Sip and Puff

Computer Controller? HAPP 100 gives fast & super precise control for​...

  • Scrolling 

  • Dragging

  • Keyboard shortcuts

  • Relay outputs  (option)

Control your computer by breath only

We believe that the HAPP 100 is the most advanced Sip and Puff (breath) controller available in the market today. With options to operate other assistive systems such as environmental control.~


"The HAPP is really good, I use it everyday.  This has improved my life in communicating (including writing this credit!) and doing things myself rather than ask my carers to do it. I can now search the web, chat to my friends and play games.  It allows me to have some privacy and independence that I didn't have before."  BF

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GCM100 System
  • Advanced Gaming

  • Computer Mouse Control

  • With many options...

    • Lightweight Joysticks​

    • Heavy duty joysticks

    • Gyro head movement 

    • Sip & Puff (option)

    • Relay outputs (option)

Enjoy Advanced Gaming and PC control



The GCM 100 is a versatile, general-purpose Controller frequently used for gaming but that can also control PCs.   To meet your specialist needs, it can support two lightweight joysticks, up to ten buttons and other advanced input devices.


"I have tried the new equipment and it was really good I managed to play fifa for the first time for over 10 years and I actually won the system was easy to set up and sip/puff stayed in my mouth and the joysticks worked really well I like the smaller joystick best"   JK

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Hyper Sensitive Switch

Movement Detection

  • Class leading sensitivity

  • Single or dual switch output

  • Haptic or Audio feedback

THE most sensitive switch available




The MoJo is a super-sensitive input

device for those who can’t use

conventional buttons. Via advanced

self-tuning electronics, the Mojo can be fifty times more sensitive than the lightest of conventional switches and has optionsto provide audio or haptic (vibration) feedback.

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about us

We are a small UK company based in the East Midlands of England who design and build equipment to better connect the disabled user to their computer, gaming system or environment.

In early 2013 we started with the most advanced sip & puff computer controller available to this day the HAPP100.

In 2015 we introduced the MoJo system.  A super-sensitive device that helps in the most extreme cases of limited movement.

Our latest product the GCM100 is aimed at very advanced gaming as well as basic computer control and has a range of unique input options to tune it to the user's precise needs.

We continue to develop products and offer support to individuals locally and worldwide.

Thank you for your interest.  

Graham Law

Celtic Magic

movement detector

Xbox adaptive controller accessories

We are pleased to supply a selection of compatible accessories for the MS Xbox Adaptive Controller.  (XAC)

Including the HEX multi-function joystick that offers single-handed operation of all functions including Driving and Walk/Explore modes.

Our XAC Compatible Accessories:

  • Light force joysticks

  • HEX  multi-function single handed joystick

  • Buttons & switches

  • Custom mounting systems

Coming Soon: FEATHER
Joystick / Mouse

The Feather USB joystick uses magnetic levitation to offer an unparalleled sensitivity of less than 5 grams.  

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