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An I-Click is used with an appropriately selected mounting kit or kits to suit its intended use.   The optimum kit is selected at the time of purchase to suit the intended user and each kits cost is in addition to the base price of the I-Click device.

Kit Summary:

  • Kit 1   From own spectacles

  • Kit 2   From supplied lensless spectacle frame

  • Kit 3   From Back of hand/universal

  • Kit 4   From Headband (three supplied)

  • Kit 5   From a standard 1/4" UNC camera mount 

  • Kit 10 Assessment selection from Kits 1-5

The I-Click is supplied as standard with a 3.5mm lead to allow connection to any device that a regular switch can control.

For purchasing an I-Click within the United Kingdom then please use our UK distributor DH2 Solutions  who will be pleased to advise.

If you are outside of the UK then use the contact form at the foot of this page & we will be happy to advise and send you a personal quote with courier postage appropriate to your location in the world.

order code:  CM/ICLK 

ordering aN I-Click


KIT1 has a selection of U-clamps to suit most spectacles frames and also has two I-Click Mounting Rods (IMR) included.  IMRs can be purchased separately and are considered consumable parts.

KIT1 download pdf

order code:  CM/IK1

kit 1
from own 



KIT2  comes with a one-size plastic spectacle frame with a suitable U-clamp and also has two I-Click Mounting Rods (IMR) included.  IMRs can be purchased separately and are considered consumable parts.

KIT2 download pdf pdf

order code:  CM/IK2

kit 2
from lens-Less 
spectacle frame


Kit 3 is designed to allow the I-Click sensor to be pointed towards the back of fingers. Very small movements of a finger downward can operate an invisible button.

The bracket could also form part of a general solution for mounting from a limb.

KIT3 download pdf

order code:  CM/IK3

kit 3
from the back of hand/ General purpose


KIT4 Offers an alternative head mount & is supplied with three one-sized sweatbands as used for exercising and a special sliding support bracket made from plastic that sits between the user's forehead and the headband.  From this bracket, the supplied IMR rods can be formed to allow the sensor to be placed virtually on any part of the user's face without the need for spectacle frames.


KIT4 download pdf

order code:  CM/IK4

kit 4
froM Headband



Kit 5 is an adaptor designed to allow a the I-Click IMR mounting rods to be supported from popular mounting systems such as Manfrotto that terminate in a standard 1/4” UNC camera screw.

The adaptor incorporates a U-Clamp and an IMR mounting rod is inserted into the U-clamp fully, and the thumb screw is gently tightened to secure. 


Two 100mm IMR rods are included in this kit.

KIT5 download pdf

order code:  CM/IK5

kit 5
froM camera mount


Kit 10 contains all the principal parts from all the other kits and is aimed at Health Care Professionals for assessment purposes, before ordering a specific kit to suit an end user. 

Only a subset of the parts is included, eg KIT4 would have 3 headbands for user long-term use whereas KIT10 would contain only one for assessing the suitablity for an individual.

order code:  CM/IK10

kit 10
assessment selection

Mounting Kits & Options

Mounting Kits & Options
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