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  • Connections for 
    • Two analogue joysticks

    • 10 Isolated buttons + 2 more from joysticks

    • External gaming display

    • Optional Sip & Puff

  • Just one joystick & one button gives access to ALL controller buttons / levers / touchpad & joysticks.

  • Special helpers features combine multiple controls into one joystick for ...

  • single handed..​​

    • Walking​ / explorer

    • Driving

    • &

    • Gyro (controller rocking)

Demo  Videos

USING GCM100 for Gaming

(Red Slot)

The GCM100 works with the Console Tuner Titan Two gaming device which is supplied with our custom firmware offering a highly customisable platform to provide unparalleled access to gaming for those that may be struggling. 

The GCM100 looks after all the special connections from the user whilst Titan Two looks after the connection to ALL the popular gaming platforms.  

The minimum inputs to access all gaming controls would be one joystick and one button.

Demo  Videos

How it works

How it works

Pressing the single button called SHIFT allows the joystick to be changed into other control modes we call Jmodes for Joystick modes.   These different control modes are accessed like a compass.  There are six Jmodes in each compass direction.   

Example: Whilst pressing the SHIFT switch and moving the joystick down (South) twice will switch the joystick to be in Jmode South 2 (S2) which happens to be a driving mode.   West 1 (W1) is a regular left stick, E1 (East 1) right stick etc.     All the controls are accessed like this including buttons, triggers, touchpads etc.   

If you can operate more than the one joystick and perhaps more buttons it gets better and better for you.

Optionally the GCM100 compass display (type ED2) can be used attached to the edge of the screen to easily see what mode each of your joysticks are working in.  

Co Pilot:

In addition, your regular controller is still available and works normally alongside your additional controls.  This controller's joysticks can also optionally be set to use Jmode switching or it can be used for a second person to play along with you (as you) to assist you with any trickier gameplay.

Demo video

more videos

Compass Display type ED2

GCM100 gaming system is the most versatile and powerful available and is  designed to be configured for a users precise needs. 


Feel free to ask us for advice on your  particular circumstances.    

Commands available through a single joystick

GCM100 :
Under the hood Details - slide show

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