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Tips & tricks

1 Creeping Mouse Cursor or Joystick not Centring Perfectly

Possible causes:


For best accuracy, your Feather needs to find its actual centre every time it is powered on, and it does this within one second.     

Therefore your Feather should be at or close to its normal position for use and not touched for a second or so as it turns on.

Failure to do this means that a false centre may be captured and the mouse cursor will drift to the edge of the screen on its own or the joystick will have a fixed offset until the Feather is power cycled again.


Should this not resolve the problem then perhaps a little debris is preventing the natural centre position to be reliably achieved.   As the Feather is so light to use it does not take much dust to stop the mechanical centre from being perfectly achieved.

To resolve, disconnected the Feather and rotate the joystick circles in both clockwise & anti-clockwise for around twenty seconds each.  Let it return to its natural centre and reconnect the Feather to the PC or games console.


2  I cannot calibrate my Feather as it keeps moving the mouse

We thought of that one!   Try this...

  • Unplug the Feather

  • Connect a button into the PB1 input (closest to the Feather)

  • Hold this button ON whilst plugging in the Feather

  • After a couple of seconds, you can release this button

  • The Feather is now on but will not output any mouse movements and this will let you use another pointing device to calibrate as per the video above.

Updating your feather

To update your Feather firmware download the update application tool. 

Note that this is an executable file and you may need to set your anti-virus software to allow it to run.

Also, download the latest firmware.

Run the Celtic_Magic_Flasher application and follow the instructions.


Update Feather
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