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ordering a Dangle Joystick mouse

Mouse control Dangles

Basic basic mouse controller

model: CM/DM 


Dangle Max, as CM/DM but with support for two external buttons and one output to an optional external RGB led display bar (model CM/ED1)   

model: CM/Dmax 

Gaming Dangles

Basic joystick controller 

model: CM/DJ 


MS Adaptive Controller model.   This model is optimised for use with the Microsoft Adaptive Controller (XAC) as its button is taken out to a separate 3.5mm flying lead that connects the Dangle button to any button input on the XAC

model: CM/DJX


See the table at the foot of this page for fuller information


For purchasing a Dangle within the United Kingdom please use our UK distributor DH2 Solutions  who will be pleased to advise.

If you are outside of the UK then use the contact form at the foot of this page & we will be happy to advise and send you a personal quote with courier postage appropriate to your location.


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