GCM100 : Purchasing

GCM100 ModelsOrder number  DescriptionCost

 GCM100 GCM100 standard model  (model P illustrated)

Note the following options (model prefixes P.R & E) are possible in combination ie GCM100PRE
 Option P shown above GCM100P Include Sip & Puff  +£100
 Option R GCM100R Include two relay outputs + £50
 Option E

 GCM100E Include extended display bar + £60
 Hand Support 1
 CM/HS1Hand support model 1

Magnetic holder built in for switch array CM/3SB1
 Hand Support 2
 CM/HS2Hand support model 2.

Note that this model requires a Button Extension (CM/BE1) to support a Button Kit but will support a Joystick directly
 CM/JS1Light force joystick with multi adjustable arm £85
 Button Kit
 CM/3BK1 The CM/3BK1 contains all the parts to build three customisable buttons to suit the user.  This kit requires as Hand Support base to attache to - see above £34
 Button Extension
 CM/BE1A magnet support for the a Button Kit that allows for more complex angles and positions to be acheied for button positions. £32

Please contact us for more information on costs and ordering options