GCM100 : Purchasing

GCM100 ModelsPart number  DescriptionCost
GCM100 GCM100 standard model  (model P illustrated)

Note the following options (model prefixes P.R & E) are possible in combination ie GCM100PRE
 Option P shown above GCM100P Include Sip & Puff  +£100
 Option R GCM100R Include two relay outputs + £50
 Hand Support 1
 CM/HS1Hand support type HS1

Magnetic holder built in for switch array CM/3SB1 and supports the mini joystick  CM/J1
 Hand Support 2
 CM/HS2Hand Support type  HS2.

Note that this model requires a Button Extension (CM/BE1) to support a Button Kit but will support a mini joystick CM/J1 directly
 Joystick - mini light force
 CM/J1Joystick type J1:

Light force joystick complete with multi adjustable arm that can be mounted in either of the Hand Supports (CM/HS1 or 2) above.

Can also be built to suit the Microsoft Adaptive Controller (XAC)
Part number is CM/J1-4XAC 

 Joystick full size
 OS/J2Heavy duty electronic joystick: 

66mm x66mm x90mm
4.8mm shaft

Optional larger base if required  POA

Supplied with three knobs as standard
Compatible with 4.8mm MERU interchangeable wheelchair knobs   See photo to the right ...
Small base

 Buttons  / switches 
 CM/LWS1,2 or 3 Compact Lightweight Switches

Our switches are compact and light in operation and can be stacked close together for compact configurations.  They can be mounted using cable ties OR 4mm bolt both included OR just good old Velcro (not inc).

For more information download the PDF
no photo
Support arm for above switches
 CM/SA1       Support Arm.  Allows Lightweight switches to be mounted from the support bases CM/HS1or2 £20
 Sip & Puff 

CM/GN500Sip & Puff  Gooseneck Support Arm

A table mounted heavy duty articulated 500mm gooseneck arm that supports a 3mm silicon micro tube that sits comfortable in the corner of the mouth allowing for uncompromised speech.

It is supplied with 1500mm of air tube, longer on request.

For more information download the PDF
 Spare mouth tubes for the above     CM/GN_10TUBES Pack of ten 3mm diameter silicon mouth tubes + one spare connector


Extended Display type ED1:  Best for PC control

The CM/ED1 comprises of a magnetically attached 12 pixel led bar approx 420mm x 10mm wit a 1.5m lead from the GCM100E.

This is useful for ease of viewing the status of the GCM100 both for computer control and some styles of gaming.   
When attached the local GCM100 local display will switch off.

Note that this requires the GCM100 to have the extended display output (E) option ie GCM100E . 
If you already have a none 'E' GCM100 this can be upgraded by Celtic Magic for a small fee.

Extended Display type ED2: best for gamming

The CM/ED2 comprises of a Velcro attached 12 pixel led display optimized for the Jmethod of game play


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