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  • EASY to use

  • Fast & very precise

  • Mouse Direction Control

  • Scroll & Drag

  • Mouse Button Control

  • Shortcuts (cut & paste etc) built in

  • Relay outputs to Possum or similair (option)

  • Breath Exerciser mode

  • User display

  • USB Powered

  • Audio feedback

  • No stick in mouth

  • Keyboard Emulation 

  • Special features to support free Camera Mouse software

  • Works with Standard Windows, Mac 

  • Standard Sip and puff pressure is only 50mm water column, & high sensitivity setting is only 25mm.




By using only 'sip and puff' the HAPP100 can let you fully control a PC or Mac & can be used by anyone able to very gently blow and suck.

This includes users with no head movement and works even if trachea ventilated.  See the example video below.

The HAPP100 can also optionally control other aids such as environmental controls along with your PC.

The HAPP100 is powered from the PC and uses no batteries.

User Video

happ100 user 


Using A 



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