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Here at Celtic Magic, we want to help people in the best way we can and we want you to get the equipment that suits you and your budget.   


So we request that you drop us as a quick note on what you feel would work for you with any questions you may have.   Use the form at the bottom of this page and we will get back to you promptly with appropriate advice.   

When you are happy we will send you a quote for you consider.

Do check out the model options below and the only other thing to consider would be whether you would like to use a headset or a clamped flexible arm style of sip & puff mouthpiece.   See the adjacent photos.​

sip & puff options (included)

Head Set Style
Flexible Arm Style
with clamp

HAPP100 MODEL options

more info




Button Inputs       0

Relay outputs:      0

Power:                   USB

Part ref:                 HAPP100/std




with Isolated

Button Input

Button Inputs       1

Relay outputs:      0

Power:                   USB

Part ref:                 HAPP100A




With Twin Relay


Button Inputs       0

Relay outputs:      2

Power:                   USB

Part ref:                 HAPP100B


Which model ?

There are four  HAPP100 models to choose from:

  •     Model standard: No additional inputs or outputs

  •     Model A : Input for one switch

  •     Model B : Two Outputs to other assistive aids

  •     Model AB: is both the above options combined

For breath exercising only, then the standard model is the most suitable

Q1.  Do you have reasonable movement of you neck & head?

Yes: Use a good quality web camera for use with any HAPP model in Camera Mode 

No:   Use a standard model HAPP on its own (it's just a bit slower)


Q2.  Can you operate a button with some convenient part of your body?

Yes: Consider a HAPP/A model as it will make things faster for you


Q3.  Do you have or plan to have another assistive aid such as a Possum with 3.5mm jack inputs, perhaps to control your TV, answer a phone or control your environment?

Yes: Consider a HAPP/B model

Which HAPP
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